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Amlaki Signature Rose Brightening & Anti Aging Mask


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No #25 Best Seller in Amlaki
  • With regular use this pack will result in beautiful glowing and bright skin.
  • It’s amazing for overall skin health and longevity.
  • It is also suitable for all skin types, while also being good for getting rid of light pigmentation and spot redness.
  • Rose is especiallyeffective for anti-aging and will also help to achieve a glow for your skin.


Amlaki-Rose Brightening & Anti Aging Mask is made from the best naturally sourced ingredients. Revel in the magic of Rose, as you reward yourself with healthy, gorgeous skin with a youthful glow. It’s suitable for all skin types and will help you get rid of spot redness and light pigmentation.
It’s toxin-free and 100% natural, as are all the products from the house of Amlaki, so you achieve the best results with 0 side-effects!
The product should be kept in a refrigerator and remains best till 3 months after it has been opened.