Nior Super Long Lasting Eyeliner Classic Nude


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Subtly alluring or passionately provocative, you can nail every look with this liner. The smudge-proof, long-wearing formula sweeps gorgeously along the contours of your eye and sets in a blink. Transfer resistance along with saturated pigmentation makes this product an irreplaceable addition to your makeup collection, creating different eyeliner styles.
Country of Origin: Germany.

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Truly waterproof eyeliner pencil with a modern, exceptionally durable formula. It is exceptionally easy to apply and create different eyeliner styles. Ideal for performing precise strokes along the eyelashes. It can be used as a base shadow while creating sensual, evening smoky eyes. It can be used to underline the eye waterline without any problems. It contains a highly concentrated pigment composition giving intensive color to the eyelid. Including black eyeliner pencils and white pencil eyeliner, all the shades create a unique look.
Country of Origin: Germany.

How To Use

  • Clean & prime your eyes. If you have oily lids apply some loose powder as this will make the eyeliner stay longer on the lids.
  • Start drawing a line from the middle of the lid along the upper lash line to the outer corner. If you don’t get a line properly along the lash line, don’t worry, as you can always fill in afterward.
  • Once you have finished doing this, fill in the gap between the traced line and the lash line by moving the eyeliner pencil in light strokes. It is ok if you get a thick line for the first time. After practicing a few times, you will get used to it and be able to create lines the way you want.
  • From the outer corner along the lower lash line, draw a line towards the inner corner. Start drawing from the point where the line on the outer corner of the upper lash line ends.



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